The Top 5 in June 2020

Welcome to a new series in the Pinpoll Magazine: From now on and every month, we present the top 5 of the most successful polls in the Pinpoll universe. The polls are ranked based upon the number of votes in the month under review, weighted with the achieved interaction rate. The dominant topic in June was - of course - Corona.


Take Responsibility: One Tree per 100,000 Votes.

Three words that everyone is talking about, but only very few integrate into their corporate strategy and if, really execute upon: Corporate Social Responsibility Under the guise of a “start-up”, we have paid little attention so far to how we can make a contribution to society. In the first few years you simply fight to survive, everything else is irrelevant. Our company celebrated its 5th birthday in May, so there are no more excuses, we want to contribute.


Data: The Raw Material to Fuel Sales.

TL;DR This tutorial explains how a webshop operator can generate valuable data in a playful way using polls, define rules for new target groups using data management software and activate them in a newsletter system to increase revenue.


The Publishers' Dilemma. Traffic is Increasing, Advertising Revenue is Falling.

In the past few weeks, digital news publishers have experienced a true rollercoaster ride. On the one hand, pageviews increase massively. More and more people are getting information online about the situation in their country regarding Corona. On the other hand, there is a lack of bookings by agencies and advertisers who have frozen their advertising budgets. In some countries, the government supports media companies with ad bookings, but this only covers a fraction of the lost in revenue. The high website traffic thus stands against empty advertising inventory.