Generate Ad Revenue in a Playful Way

As in previous years, many digital news publishers will continue to focus on generating subscriptions and setting up pay walls for their content. The undisputed number 1 in this area is the "New York Times": By the end of September 2021, 7.6 million paying subscribers had been acquired. The "Washington Post" comes second with 3 million subscribers, followed by the "Wall Street Journal" with 2.8 million people willing to pay for editorial content [1]. For comparison: the German “BILD” is subscribed by around 500,000 paying readers, only. [2].

No wonder digital news publishers of all sorts are trying their luck with a subscription model. But: Even with the “New York Times”, 54 % of revenue still come from classic online advertising, even though the subscription model is so successful. [3].

That's not surprising either, because revenue from classic online advertising is continuing to rise. According to the "Statista Digital Market Outlook until 2025", spend on banner ads in Austria will increase from EUR 412 million in 2021 to EUR 483 million in 2025 [4].

That much in theory, in practice there is a problem: the advertisers' high demand is offset by the publishers' insufficient supply of attractive ad slots. And this is exactly where Pinpoll Ads come into play.

For the first time in the Pinpoll Magazine, we would like to demonstrate with a quick video tutorial how easy it is to integrate a banner ad using Pinpoll Ads into a poll using Pinpoll Tools.


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