The Top 5 in October 2020

Deep fake alarm in October! It's nice to see that even (or especially?) dark humour finds its place in times of crisis: Our top poll in October pulls a leg with Austrian politicians.

But also polls about the topics Sports, Social and Love scored top places.

Have fun reading and voting!

#1: What video do you enjoy more?


Category: Arts & Entertainment
Votes: 10,885
Interaction Rate: 33 %

Highlights of the Poll: Custom Design, Bento Layout, Video Voting

#2: Who's your fairytale wedding couple?


Category: Other
Votes: 5,341
Interaction Rate: 30 %

Highlights of the Poll: Bento Layout, Custom Design

#3: Should the term "Negro King" be removed from the Pippi Longstocking books?


Category: Law, Government & Politics
Votes: 4.503
Interaction Rate: 24 %

Highlights of the Poll: Newsletter Sign-up, Bento Layout

#4: What should happen to team sports in the current Corona situation?


Category: Sports
Votes: 4.322
Interaction Rate: 47 %

Highlights of the Poll: Bento Layout, Custom Design

#5: Who is your Player of the Month in September?


Category: Sports
Votes: 4,116
Interaction Rate: 65 %

Highlights of the Poll: White labeling

The polls are ranked based upon the number of votes in the month under review, weighted with the achieved interaction rate.